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When I was making bread for Kaiser rolls this morning, between 3rd and 5th grade spelling and vocabulary lessons, I remembered I forgot to add an egg for the rolls...UGH! I was really looking forward to those kaisers to go with the pulled pork for dinner this evening, but no sense in crying over it now, but what to do with the dough on the stove-top rising in the bread bowl? Then it came to me...Bagels!!! I cracked out my "Bread Bakers Apprentice" book and read and realized my dough was perfect for this happenstance recipe! Yippie! If you choose to make these, and I highly recommend you do, as they are super-duper easy, the biggest kick you will get is watching your creation float on top of a sea of boiling water as they cook. After that, all left to do is top with a topping, if you choose to, then bake at 500 for a total of 10 minutes. Then, voila! Fresh hot homemade mistakes....I mean bagels to butter up and enjoy anytime of the year or day for that matter! Serve it up and enjoy! Catherine


  • Prepare dough as directed, and let rise until doubled, approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Carefully deflate the dough just a bit, then cut off 3 oz portions of dough and shape. Pinch the ends together so it will not separate when placed in the boiling water.
  • Let rise covered on the lined baking sheet. I use left-over vegetable baggies or plastic wrap.
  • When ready, place each bagel into the boiling water. Bagels should float immediately without sinking to the bottom.
  • Put the bagels on the backing sheet and top with your choice of topping, then bake at 500 for 3 minutes, turn baking sheet, decrease time to 450 and bake an additional 5 or so minutes until golden in color.